Jellyfish can't swim backwards

25 years old
stuck in a small town with big ideas

Yoooo dead ass everyone who keeps talking about how bad weed is doesn't have any idea what they are talking about. How do you die from smoking a natural plant? First semester at school I got a 3.36 GPA, and the second semester I smoked everyday and I got a 3.74. It does not do anything wrong, at least with me...



How do you die from smoking a natural plant?????  : Ricinus communis , Western Water Hemlock: , White snakeroot:, Common Bladderwort…. all gruesome deaths,  all “natural plants” 

housemate is cooking Moroccan lamb tagine, which i agreed to eat… now i don’t want to be a prude, but i don’t think cinnamon, honey and dates belong anywhere near lamb.  

Miley Cyrus you are a disgrace not only to yourself but our entire species. 

also forgot my phone charger so this is probably the last time i’ll be on tumblr so as to save my phone charge for friend related emergence 

Going to leeds Festival. If this car get’s pulled over we are royally screwed! Who brings shrooms to Leeds tand? let alone that many bloody shrooms…. and no you can’t light a blunt in the car, you can fucking wait your reprobate haha

Astronaut readjusts to life on earth 


I face-swapped some of the kids at work with some of the baby dolls and it fucked me up

That’s bloody terrifying 

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If we’d only stayed together
I might not have fallen apart